Perfusion Life: Why We Do This [10]


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Editor’s Note:

I was driving through town the other day- and I heard a radio ad for our hospital’s TAVR program, and endovascular stent procedures.

It highlighted a 95 year old man we had done a TAVR on (one of our first), who used to be a Jazz musician, and how after getting his aortic valve repaired, had gotten his life back…

I couldn’t help but remember what I was thinking when we actually had done this case the year before, and the questions that had crossed my mind.  I recalled asking myself “why are we doing this?”, “this guy is too old to tolerate or even have this procedure”, and questioning the medical ethics behind the decision to operate to begin with.  I basically wondered if this wasn’t just a “rat lab” procedure designed to develop and hone our clinical skills more so than to benefit patient outcome.

I know at times, we have all thought such things.  But I must say I am pleased to tell you that I was wrong, and that I think we too often write off the elderly as being too infirm to lead a quality life.

The video below clearly demonstrates that what we do is important and adds value to  life regardless of age or circumstance.

Have a great day 🙂


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