Perfusion Life: The Rocketeer


Is THAT a Jet Pack ? ? ?

Editor’s Note:

Ever watch a count down to a rocket launch and it finally gets to the 10 – 9 – 8 – 7- stage?

And then @ 2 seconds the countdown stops and the launch is CANCELED?

All of a sudden you feel like a popped balloon- after prepping that hard for the launch- but the reasons to cancel outweighed the intended goal or launch target?

Anticlimactic- the mission is officially scrubbed !

Very similar to when an open-heart case cancelsThe adrenalin that got you there is sucked into a vortex of all this free time you now have on your hands- and what are you gonna do with that big 5 hour chunk of time that by the grace of all that is holy- was suddenly- preemptively- restored to you?

Well, in a busy OR- I can assure you that people aren’t crying or tearing up with the sense of a supreme opportunity lost…

Rather,  they get kinda giddy because the day has suddenly allowed a tiny sliver of sunshine to creep into our otherwise- stress filled grey-scale lives in the dusk of the world we live in- called the Operating Room !

Nikki 2

Note the Warrior Stripes tattooed on his right forearm …


Doesn’t mean we don’t like what we do-

Just means we ain’t doing it today !

So in the process of breaking down all the sterile supplies for the case that wasn’t- let me introduce you to my friends Nikki and Marko- who got pretty creative with one of the packing separators from our pump pack- and well… the picture tells the story.

Have a great day 🙂