Perfusion Life: The InElegant Hack

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Editor’s Note:

Here is a guest post presented in it’s raw and natural form, written by Michael Colligan, RN, MS, CCP.

Thank you Michael, for contributing 🙂


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What is a life hack? The term life hack started out as “hack”, having evolved from the original definition to the current meaning of an inelegant but effective solution to a specific computing problem. A term obviously used among computer programmers.

From there “life hack” was coined in 2004 by journalist Danny O’Brien. Life hack is defined by Wikipedia as a solution to a problem unrelated to computers that might occur in everyday life.

Here, we present a perfusion life hack. The use of a Sarns 8000 level sensor bracket as a vertical holder for clamps to be at the ready in case of emergency.

One of the great aspects of working in a large team and having students rotate through, sitting with different perfusionists each case, is that hacks like this get passed along quickly between clinicians and end up enriching everyone’s practice more quickly than you would see under “normal” conditions.

We hope to present more perfusion life hacks in the future. Until then, onward!

-Michael Colligan, RN, MS, CCP

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