Perfusion Life: Storms- Inside & Out



Editor’s Note:

Well I got a quick message (see above) from my friend Paul DiGregorio from the Northern Indiana area where I come by and help out once in awhile.

Looks like he and I are dealing with to separate storms.  His is obviously clinical- (ECMO-Land), and mine is of the the other kind…  8-10 inches heading our way- in a big hurry.

Nov 20

As seen from my hotel room- the hospital sits off in the distance like a monolithic Norse Frost Giant… waiting 🙂

So Paul sits- and watches an ECMO- and I sit and wonder what will be there when I wake up?  Two different spectrums of two separate storms, in the lives of two perfusionists states apart.

Tear it up today!  🙂



Say hello to a man saving a life…

My friend, Paul…


Thanks for making a difference dude!