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Giant Wave

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Editor’s Note:

I did three cases yesterday, the first a slam dunk CABG x 2, all vein; the second, a full-on-salvage, where when I told the patient “You have a lot of people watching out for you” …

He replied with a very serene look:

“I already have someone watching over me- ”

So what was initially billed as imminent death, became a CABG x 3 all vein- IABP- and a non-eventfull course.

And then the  nightcap for the day.  An earlier reoperation coming back for post-op hemostasis- that lasted through 1:00 am.

The point to be made here? 

Surf 2

This guy is ok- just got smacked by a big wave but he was fine…

Enjoy what you have while you have it 🙂

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Thanks Guys…  For Dropping By 🙂

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