Perfusion Job Shadow Wanted: Washington DC Area

Editor’s Note:

Hey Maryland perfusion colleagues, this young man is looking for a job shadow opportunity. Can You give him a hand?

Hello – this may not be the proper channel for this request, but I’m at a bit of a stumbling block.

I am currently completely unaffiliated in perfusion, but am considering a career change and believe that the medical field would both be suited to my skills as well as provide some of the fulfillment that the corporate sector is lacking.

I have done a lot of reading and lined up the education path for retraining, but I don’t have any contacts in order to have a conversation or shadow an actual perfusionist in order to really convince myself that this is for me. Do you have any recommendation for how to facilitate that, short of cold-calling my nearest cardiology department? I am in the Washington, DC area if that helps.

Any advice you have would be appreciated. Thank you!


Email:  [email protected]