Perfusion Job Shadow Desired: Hello Utah???

Editor’s Note:


Hello Utah!   I have a student looking for a job shadow opportunity in your area-  She actually wants to get into the profession- but has yet to see first hand- what it is we do.  (Reminds me of me lol- I was 100% sure it was the right field for me- but familiarity with the depth and range of our profession, I was clueless…)

Here’s our prospective student’s message to you as well as a contact email:


I am very interested in a profession as a cardiac perfusionist but have never before had the opportunity to shadow a perfusionist.

In my experience, it is unlikely that a cardiac department will allow someone to shadow one of their providers due to the intensive nature of the field. With that being said, where/what is the best outlet for me to search a perfusionist that can accept someone to shadow them in the state of Utah?

I would really love to experience the profession before I take the plunge and submit applications to programs. 

Thank you kindly for your time 🙂


Leanne Hochberg

Email:  [email protected]