Perfusion Job Shadow: Chicago Area.


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Editor’s Note:

If there is anybody in the Chicago area that is so inclined, this young lady is very interested in perfusion.


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Hello Circuit Surfers team,

Hello there, I’m currently working on my undergrad and was looking into perfusion. It seems super interesting and ive been obsessing over your website and youtube just trying to find more info. it seems that since the bls doesn’t record info for perfusion its relatively an unknown profession.

I live in Chicago and it seems like there is some need here for perfusion but i wonder, what are the job prospects really? My husband seems to think that its pointless to go into such a field since ” a computer program can easily do that job” it seems like there is more than just open hearts that perfusionist can do. right?

I mean not to ramble but i feel excited about this and i have even called around local hospitals just to talk to perfusionist but i keep getting dead ended there. please tell me everything! i want to know more …thirsty for knowledge about this. thank you.
Lana abraham

Email:  [email protected]

Phone:  (815)403-8657

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