Perfusion Innovation! Kudos to Quick Thinking


The arrows point to key components that helped make this all work…

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Editor’s Note:

The above picture was posted on the “Surfers FB page, with some caption’s (see below) describing briefly, an event (ruptured RA) post CPB while closing.  I was impressed with the simplicity of the setup and it’s obvious effectiveness.

The quest remains- where was the heart lung machine they used to begin with? But regardless, this was quick thinking and most likely saved a life!



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Why FaceBook Matters…



Click image to view Wong’s FB posting/page

I got a response today regarding how this scenario went down:

“It was happened on day 3 postop. The sternum had not been closed after the first cardiac surgery and the patient received wound exploration that day.
The patient found to have rupture RA during the wound exploration…as the patient was not scheduled for CPB,  and unfortunately all CPB machine were in used, therefore a cell saver and a simple CPB system were set up.

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