Perfusion Connections 101: Italy Meets India


Editors Note:

I got this picture from from my overseas friend, Dario Fichera, an Italian perfusionist that is very involved in the international perfusion community.

(Dario has been involved in perfusion mission work to Africa .)

He is with another friend who looms very prominently in the Indian perfusion community- Bijender Singh Bali. Both were at the 15th European Conference on Perfusion Technology (ECECT) just past.

Anyway, it is really good to see two Perfusion colleagues (brothers), both of whom I have interviewed- together in the flesh. I respect them each, tremendously for their impact on their patients as well as the perfusion community as a whole.

They are each bricks on the road to an international community.

I wish I could have been there 🙂

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(I wanted an interview with Bij because I liked how he approached

He sent me a picture of the guts of his pump- and I put it into the art gallery.

Then I looked him up on Face Book- and he likes motorcycles. So basically he likes running two machines where there is NO room for miscalculation.