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Editor’s Note:

This is the 1st of a series of Perfusion related site/group reviews to familiarize perfusionists- or cardiovascular associated healthcare personnel with the available resources out there.

There is no bias or underlying agenda to promote or dissuade visitors from visiting one site over another – other than to point people to the many resources that are out there when looking for information, or to get familiar with a process or procedure.

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Surfers’ Review:


This is probably the best overall perfusion related site on the internet.

It truly was the first site dedicated specifically built and designed for the perfusion community.

It delivers in many areas: education, jobs, interactive forums, meetings, new technologies, and much more.

It is monetized to a degree- and clearly has an investment with vendors that support the site, as well as offering “premium rates” for paid subscribers.

I recommend this site highly– for the many things it offers to the non-subscriber as well as customers that pay a very low fee in comparison to the very rich offerings it provides in terms of employment opportunities and continuing education.

I have personally utilized some of the free on-line webinars- to maintain my ABCP certification.

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5 stars

Each “Star” adds up to one of 5 criteria we look at:

*   Innovation & Relevance to Target Audience

*  Site Navigation & Media Connectivity

* Access & Interaction

*  Content & Sharing

* Peer Reliability & Trustworthiness

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Innovation & Relevance to Target Audience

This website is clearly designed to focus on the entire spectrum of perfusion related services.  It is THE forerunner of all perfusion related sites– and is undeniably significant in terms of it’s asset to perfusionists on a global basis.


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Site Navigation & Media Connectivity

 This is a static site and is well designed.  Site navigation is intuitive and clear.


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 Media Outlets:


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 Access & Interaction

 Meta tags and search engines find this site relatively easily: 

Google search

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 Content & Sharing


Sidebar Forums

Sidebar Jobs

Sidebar Newswire

Video Presentations

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Peer Reliability & Trustworthiness

It goes without question that is the STANDARD in the cardiovascular perfusion industry.

On-site information is as reliable as can be expected if considering the internet for information.  It is clear that a tremendous amount of effort has been effected here to make a difference in the perfusion community.

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