Perfusion China: Part I: The Asian Equation- an Interview with Anna lou Villena


Anna lou Villena of the Republic of the Philippines- Working in China

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Editor’s Note:

I met Anna Lou through contacts on Facebook- I don’t have a direct link to her FB profile, but it was through some other friends that I was finally able to contact her ask her to do an interview here on ‘Surfers.

So here is how we got to the interview:


Dear Frank,

Hi! Good to hear from you. Asking me, KUMUSTA KA? Well, I’m doing great here and thank you. I hope you’re doing well too.

Yes, sure! It is indeed my pleasure to be interviewed for circuit surfers. Actually I read your interview with Weng and I was the one referred by Weng as the perfusionist who left for Albania (Southeast Europe).

Just to prime a bit with my background as a Perfusionist,I was the sole Perfusionist in DavaoCity particularly in Davao Doctor’s Heart Institute (private hospital) and for MindanaoHeartCenter (government hospital) since 2005 when DavaoCity started to do heart surgeries. I left my job in the Philippines in 2010 since I was offered for a job in Albania by an Austrian surgeon, Dr. Roland Fasol,married to a Filipina. So I’ve worked with his team in The GErman Hospital in Albania from Dec 2010 to 2012. Fortunately, my surgeon wanted to settle in Asia and an opportunity was given to him in China for JilinHeartHospital, that is why, he also brought me here since October 2012.

Dr. Fasol is an adult cardiothoracic surgeon but there is also a Chinese doctor here, Dr. Guo who is doing the pediatric surgeries. All  the kids with  CHDs are actually sponsored by the Jilin Heart Foundation so we do more of VSD – ASD closures and TOF corrections. 

I would be glad to share more of my experiences working in 3 different countries with different culture and  totally different languages. My experience in the perfusion field was not just enhanced but the best part of it,is that my ability to adjust and deal with different kinds of people with diversified culture has also uplifted my dispositions in life.Please feel free to write me for the details of the interview and I would also retrieve some photos in preparation for this interview.

I should say that my dream to be involved in a perfusion forum is now taking off. I was actually curious with what Weng updated in her facebook and so I started surfing for the circuit surfer’s website. 

I sincerely commend you Frank for this initiative for making a forum in the perfusion field all over the world. I think this is the best tool to be updated with the new studies in perfusion and in a way introduce our profession since it is said to be a low profile job-i mean most people would say,.. “Come again?  What is your profession?”   hehehe :


Best regards,


The Asian Equation – Anna Lou Villena

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The Interview:



To Be Continued …

It’s definitely a well written / thought out description of Anna’s experiences and thoughts as a perfusionist working in China 🙂


The things we do… preserve families 🙂

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