Perfusion Art: “Where Only Falcon’s DARE…”

Perfusion Art: “Where Only Falcon’s DARE…”

Photographer: Unknown

Equipment: IPhone Something?

Editing: Just a tiny bit of Photoshop

Narrative: That’s ALOT of MUTUAL TRUST going on there 🙂

Time & Place:   2020: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

About The Artist:  The best of the best is all I can say 🙂

Commentary:  I rarely put any art work that extends beyond our operating  room theater.  It’s not a paradigm I tend to delve into- which is foolish of me- because we as perfusionists thrive and live for our outcomes.  JJ is that outcome.  She is a lifelong friend from grade school- and a transplant survivor x Forever– as well as a former open heart patient.  I have nothing but the greatest respect for this woman that has survived so much- and went beyond an almost insurmountable life hurdle- to become an ambassador of fashion and art melded into one soul.  Her limitless compassion, positive energy, and personal courage is something I admire and envy.  She defines art- and and whoever put her on CPB?  You SHOULD be Proud 🙂

Here’s to you Jules 🙂

Love ya!

Julie Johnson- A WORLD FAMOUS Fashion Illustrator

Click Link Below to View:  Julie Johnson Art dot com