Perfusion Art: “The Learning Tree”

Perfusion Art: “The Learning Tree”

Photographer: Frank Aprile, CCP

Equipment: IPhone-8

Editing: Photoshop

Narrative: A step by step narrative and demonstration of the Floating of a Swann-Ganz PA Catheter…

Time & Place: August 2020, South of the Ohio River

About The Artist:  Perfusionist

Commentary:  The art of teaching renders back from the mythological tree under which Plato was professed to have imparted his knowledge and insight onto his acolytes.  Case in Point:  This particular MDA truly imbues that strategy when lifting up his junior associates, preparing them for the challenges and unexpected complexities of floating a Swann-

I was impressed with his emphasis on the organically dedicated design by the manufacturer to match the curvature of the catheter to the natural anatomy of the heart itself. That is something I hadn’t really considered in the last few thousand Swanns I have seen floated 🙂

The Original:


This is the Archaeological site of Plato‘s Academy


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