Perfusion Art: “Put a Little LOVE in your Art…”

Perfusion Art: “Put a Little Love in your Art…”


Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP

Equipment: Iphone 8+

Editing: Photoshop

Narrative:   What stands out in this picture is not the first set of hands holding the crystal heart- RATHER the second set- supporting the first 🙂

Time & Place:  South of the Savanna River, 2020

About The Artist:  Perfusionist


These the two doctors in this picture are the Chief of Anesthesia for Cardiac for Cardiac Surgery at our institution, as well as his right hand- an amazing cardiac anesthesiologist. The emphasis is obviously teamwork- which these two bring to the table each and every day!

It’s true pleasue with with you guys 🙂