Perfusion Art: Namaste



Photographer: Unknown

Equipment:  Unknown

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Narrative:  A brief glimpse of the good Doctor  Harinder Singh Bedi  attending to a heart patient…  He is a renowned Cardiac Surgeon in India and The East

Time & Place:  July 2018- India

About The Meaning of the Term Namaste:

Teaching Each Other

Your teacher may choose to elaborate a bit on the basic meaning of namaste. These include sayings such as “the light in me honors the light in you,” or “the teacher in me bows to the teacher in you.” These sorts of extended interpretations acknowledge that, although you came to learn from the teacher, the teacher has also learned something through sharing the time with you. It also suggests that, as learning and wisdom are exchanged among everyone in the practice, you are also your own teacher.

Meaning of the Anjali Mudra, the Prayer Position

Although Anjali mudra is the position you are meant to take when saying “namaste,” the intention of placing one’s palm together should not be construed as a form of prayer. The misperception arises from the fact that Anjali mudra is typically described the West as the “prayer pose.” It is important to understand, however, that even though the gesture is one we associate with Christian, Hindu, and other religious practices, it doesn’t hold the same significance in the yogic practices.

Anjali is Sanskrit simply means “to offer” or “to “salute,” while mudra means “seal.” As such, the pose is meant to symbolize the honoring and celebration of this moment.