Perfusion Art: MultiTasking

Should be a perfusionist

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Editor’s Note:

I’m sure there will be a few questions bout how I managed to link this to perfsion or perfusion life?  Well the obvious stands before you as a man who is clearly juggling multiple tasks at the same time.

In his case:   Pouring 4 coffees at the same time, squeezing some sort of coffee filled bladder with his arm under his arm pit, and not dropping any of the liter filled water bottles in his apron.

In our case:  On CPB-Cooling-Q Down-XC on-Vent off-Cardiolplegia running

Need I say more?

Have an excellent day 🙂


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Photographer:  Julie Johnson Olson


EditingPhotoshop:  Hue & Contrast adjustments.  Watercolor filter

Narrative:  In Saudi Arabia, Ramadan.

Time & Place  Saudi Arabia, 2015

About The Artist:  Julie Johnson Olson is a well known fashion designer currently teaching in Saudi Arabia.

Here is a ink to her amazing FB page:  Julie Johnson Art

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