Perfusion Art: “Gratitude”

Thoratec HM PickTransfer

“Gratitude”___________________________   Click image to enlarge

PhotographerWillie Swyer CCP

Equipment:  Digital, Sony DSC R1

Editing Layers, Enhance, Glow, Sharpen, Vignette

Narrative:  Using the Thoratec IVAD as a symbol, thanks is given to all donors and families who have given so much.

Time & Place  2007  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


 Gratitude by Willie Swyer


You gave me the chance to change

The way I used to be

My first thoughts seemed

To always be for me


Everyday I think about you

But I don’t know your name

Your tragedy was my salvation

Please let there be no blame


Such sorrow felt at letting go

Yet they could be so kind

To give the gift of life itself

And extend another’s time


Their love for you was a light

On their darkest day

Your memory lives on now

And has shown me the way


Because the meaning of my life

Has never been so clear

The gratitude I feel for you

I will always share

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