Perfusion Art: “CCP”


Perfusion Art: “CCP”

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Editor’s Note:

This week is “Perfusionists Week” or day or minute or whatever.  We never used to have a day dedicated to us- because everyday we were dedicated to something greater with a more noble spark behind it than cookies and cream.  

That would be “ByPass Baybee” 🙂

Even though the title says CCP (Certified Cardiovascular Perfusionist), the title includes all of us from whatever country or certifying body.

This picture happens to be of a good friend and colleague, who in my eye, embodies the essential ingredients that are prerequisite to our profession:

Commitment, courage and compassion.  

She has a wicked sense of humor as well, to help get us all through the day.

Thanks Shahna!


Dr Harinder Singh Bedi:

My heartfelt admiration and thanks to these noble warriors . Wishing you all  a ‘No Clamps – No Kinks’ type of wonderful fun filled and progressive life.  Because of your vital presence  – our CTVS team is known as the ‘ man-eating tiger hunters who go looking for the tiger ‘ !!!

I am reminded of the  following quotes when I remember all the wonderful CCP I have worked with :

Life has many battles …..

BUT ….

I am a warrior


As His champion, I enter the ring To meet the wrestlers five*…
Guided by the Hand Divine, I floor them all.
They came united as one; But, vanquished they go,
One by one.
(*Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment & Pride)
GGS, M5, 74:8

Stay in Chardi Kala always


Dr.Harinder Singh Bedi  MCh,FIACS (Gold Medallist)
Head , Department of Cardio Vascular Endovascular & Thoracic Surgery,
Christian Medical College & Hospital,


“Excellence is to do an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way.”
— Booker T. Washington

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PhotographerFrank Aprile. BBA, LP, CCP

Equipment:  I-phone 6s PLUS


Narrative:  A very focused perfusionist on call- about to engage an emergency bypass run- 

Time & Place  Iowa, Spring 2016

About The Artist:  Locums’ Perfusionist.

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