Perfusion Art: An International Gallery

Welcome to the Perfusion Photo Gallery

This is a beginning effort to develop a collection of Perfusion related pictures that have been submitted by perfusionists from all over the world.

The intention is to develop an online photo gallery highlighting the lives and events of people in our profession.

The hope is that this collection will eventually be featured at the National Perfusion Conference.

Anyone and all are encouraged to submit a picture that they have taken of a perfusion related event in their lives.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be in the OR- as long as it’s you taking the shot, and it is a statement about our profession.

Each submission will have it’s own post, as well as being included in the gallery which can be seen here in it’s entirety…

Click here to view Our 1st Submission

Each picture is captioned with a short synopsis of what the moment was about.

Enjoy ____  🙂

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