Perfusion Art: An Operetta

Controlled Frenzy  Mohd Zaki Omar

“An Operetta ___ __Click image to enlarge-

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Photographer: Mohd Zaki Oma


EditingPhotoshop:  Hue & Contrast adjustments.  Watercolor filter

Narrative:  The Choreography of the Heart Team.

Time & Place  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2015

About The Artist:  Kuala Lumpur

Reader Comment:

I think, perhaps, operetta is a little bit out of the target. OPERA maybe !?!
Sometimes fun, sometimes tragic, and, almost all the time, successful.
And, of course: the diva if the operating-theatre: the SURGEON.
From my 40++ years as a perfusionist, I feel that I have seen almost all types og divas: the TenorS, the Sopranos, (not the criminal type, like in The Sopranos, usually)

And, as an old musician, I love the “score”, the user manual of Heart operation, with the possibility of improvising from time to time, when experienceing something out of the ordinary.

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