Perfusion Art: “Access DENIED!”

Perfusion Art: “Access DENIED !”

Photographer: Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP

Equipment: Iphone 8+

Editing: Photoshop

Narrative:   And….   The Cryptic Reality of COVID-19-   This is our Chief Cardiac Anesthesiologist- Truly a gatekeeper to ALL things deleterious to our outcomes.  My sincerest respect 🙂

Time & Place:  South of the Savanna River, 2020

About The Artist:  Perfusionist


From the pump room looking in…  We are very proactive with known COVID-19 Cases.  Our chief MDA stymied many attempts made by people trying to rationalize their way into the room- absent proper clinical purpose/necessity and/or PPE sufficient enough to stay safe.  The quote “I’m immune” or “I’ve seen this patient all week long” fell on deaf ears- and in all honesty  demonstrates the level of denial this opportunistic vector has thrived on.

“To Thee and to Thee, But Never to Me…”

Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her amazing book:  Death and Dying