Perfusion Apps- Updated

Perfusion Apps …

Well now that we have that shiny new smart phone.  What do we do with it, and more importantly, how do we get ourselves to become smarter than we already are?

A true conundrum in a profession where intellectual elegance is measured in terms of survival and good patient outcomes.

I’m being facetious of course.  Sometimes we aren’t that smart, and other times (when it really counts) each and every one of us  has shined beyond our personal expectations.

A snippet  of excellence and the instincts of a Magpie.  Mix that with vinegar and you are on your way to becoming a perfusionist.

It’s the “magpie” thing I am trying to address here, because it seems to be a universal feather (we all like new and shiny).

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What is an App ?

APP is an abbreviation for application.  The filename extension .app means application.

The term “App”  is used generically to refer to lightweight, web-based applications tailored to a device’s  (such as a mobile phone, TV set or tablet PC) form factor and input-output interfaces (key pad, touch pad, remote control etc).

So basically ?  Mini software applications for your smart phone that address very specific needs.

Let’s figure out what we’re looking for first.

Why Do We Want / Need One ?

Typically most perfusionists are interested in programs that relate in some ways to:

  • BSA / BMI
  • Heparin Dose Response
  • Hemodilutional HCT’s
  • Metric to Standard conversions
  • Pharmacology
  • SVR / PVR / CO /CI / MAP
  • Circuit prime volumes

The products below- all do one or more of the above listed tasks. It is up to you to determine what the best fit for your needs is.

The Newest Entry …

By: Dario Fichera

Click image above to view website and download app.

  • Rating: Pending
  • Price:  FREE
  • Likely User: Pending
  • Best Attribute: Pending
  • Caveat: Pending

Personal Comments: I am waiting for more technical details…


  • Rating: 5 Stars
  • Likely User: CCP (STS)/MD/BSN
  • Best Attribute: Excellent Drug Reference
  • Caveat: None

Personal Comments: I have used this app in conjunction with STS data collection.  Very useful for quick reference and associating the right category to a medication the patient is currently taking.  A recommended perfusion resource.


  • Rating: Not Rated by this site (but receives high marks from respondents).
  • Likely User: MD/BSN/Pharmacist
  • Best Attribute: Solid Drug Reference
  • Caveat: TMI (Too Much Information)

Personal Comments: I have never used this app.  The reviews are stellar– so have included it as a resource when a PDR is not available.

STS cvRisk  v.  2.61

  • Rating: 5 Stars
  • Likely User: CCP (STS) MD/BSN (QA)
  • Best Attribute: Risk Analysis
  • Caveat: Limited flexibility for non-CABG patients or more complex procedures.

Personal Comments: I have used this app.  frequently because I am an STS coordinator.  The function is seamless, yet restricted in terms of flexibility for higher risk patients presenting with multiple co-morbidities. A recommended perfusion resource.


  • Rating: Not Rated by this site (but receives high marks from respondents).
  • Likely User: MD/Med Student / Perfusion Student
  • Best Attribute: Current Medical Trends
  • Caveat: Not specific to perfusion…

Personal Comments: I have never used this app.  The reviews are very good.  Excellent for staying current in the medical field.

Perf Pump

  • Rating: 4 Stars (Based on discussion with developer, and anticipated upgrades)
  • Likely User: CCP / Perfusion Student
  • Best Attribute: Basic Perfusion calculations. The application also performs SVR, PRV, and Serum Osmolality.
  • Caveat: (see comments on link above)

Personal Comments: I have never used this app. Perf Pump is an application that provides a quick and efficient means to calculate patient data needed by a CCP or cardiac nurse.

UPDATE:  Since talking with the developer, and subsequently test driving his app, in tandem with some substantial upgrades (on the horizon) in terms of connectivity- I would recommend this app as an investment and potential breakthrough regarding real time perfusion.

Comment From the Developer: Posted on 4/1/2011

“The application also performs: oxygen transfer, oxygen delivery, oxygen consumption, oxygen extraction, oxygen transfer.

Perfpump is available in both Apple I-Phone and Android Applications and we were the original pioneers in developing the applications, dating back to palm application software and windows mobile platforms.

Perfpump is an  Apple I-Phone Application.”


  • Rating: Not Rated by this site (see comments below)
  • Likely User: CCP / Perfusion Student,
  • Best Attribute: Screen looks impressive
  • Caveat: See below

Personal Comments: I have never used this app.  The reviews are  below.

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