Perfusion Apps: Perfusion Tools v2

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  • Rating: not yet rated
  • Likely User: CCP / MD / BSN
  • Best Attribute: Sleek & Quick
  • Caveat: None
  • Developer:  Patrick Carfrey, CCP


This tool provides quick and easy calculations of perioperative values such as Estimated Blood Loss.

Perfect for Cardiovascular Perfusionists.


Just enter the following patient information:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hematocrit
  • Prime Volume
  • Returned Volume (Cell Saver).

This application does the rest, returning the following values:

  • Estimated Blood Loss
  • Body Surface Area
  • Target Flow
  • Estimated Blood Volume
  • Hemodilutional Hematocrit
  • Heparin Loading Dose
  • Red Cell Volume
  • Plasma Volume
  • Returned Red Cell Volume
  • Red Cells Saved
  • and Plasma Lost.

It will also convert units.

  • Weight and Height can be entered as Kg or lbs and cm or inches, respectively.