Permail Rules and Guidelines

  1. Perfmail is a moderated email list for medical professionals that are directly involved in a perfusion-related industry. This includes, perfusionists, perfusion assistants, doctors, physician assistants, nurses, manufacturer representatives and other related medical professionals.
  2. If you are not already a member, you must Register with the before joining Perfmail
  3. Advertising services, equipment, virus warnings, non-perfusion-related items or off-topic email is prohibited on Perfmail. Such messages must be approved and sanctioned by prior to posting.
  4. Conference and meeting announcements must be directly related to perfusion and must be posted on the Event Calendar. Unless specific approval is granted by administration, you may NOT post any meeting announcements directly on Perfmail.
  5. Patient Confidentiality: Case study information or questions are welcome, but make sure to protect your patient's confidentiality in accordance.
  6. Neither Perfmail nor make any guarantees, implied or otherwise, about the techniques and medical information shared on this list. If you want to try something you heard on Perfmail you may do so at your OWN risk!
  7. We will not tolerate any liable, slander or personal attacks on Perfmail. Behavior of this sort will result in unconditional termination of your Perfmail subscription.
  8. Messages should be constructive and well thought out. In most cases, short senseless replies are not acceptable.
  9. We do not allow direct job advertisements on Perfmail. If you wish to post a job advertisement, you will need to use the standard form located on our job page.
  10. Permail posts must be signed with your full name.  Unsigned posts in most cases will be rejected.
  11. reserves the right to deny posting privileges to anyone deemed to be in violation of the Perfmail Policies contained herein.
  12. reserves the right to utilize Perfmail for periodic announcements related to business.
  13. By virtue of your subscription to Perfmail, each subscriber agrees to indemnify and save harmless from any and all damages, costs and attorney's fees arising on account of any claim or assertion of damages for libel or slander made against by anyone whatsoever, occasioned by the posting by any subscriber of any material of whatever nature.