Offering: Perfusion Group- QA / P&P Development…

Do You Need A Vibrant- Interactive- Internet Presence ?

  • A Corporate Website
  • A Searchable Online Policy & Procedure Database
  • An On-Line QA / Demographic database
  • A Staff Credentialing Database
  • A Face Book Presence
  • A Twitter Presence

Do YOU NEED an Interactive On-Line QA / Policy & Procedure Site ?

If you are interested in developing a corporate web presence for your perfusion group, or wish to develop an online QA program please contact:

Lazarus Technologies, LLC

Some Things to IMPROVE Your Practice …

Click Image above to see an example of a Perfusion QA Website developed by:

Lazarus Technologies, LLC

When is a Policy or Procedure Recommendation Welcomed the Most?

  • When you need it immediately
  • Which implies an emergency or unexpected clinical event
  • Which further suggests that a potential threat to the welfare of a patient is imminent or at hand.

Nobody carries a Copy of their Departmental P&P Manual in Surgery.

  • It’s always in somebody’s desk somewhere.
  • But we all carry iphones, or smartphones with wireless internet access.
  • Our address is www. [Your Perfusion Group]
    • Dial it up to improve your practice…

What are the Advantages for the Clinician to have an Online P&P Resource ?

  • A Quantum Leap from Established Paradigms…
  • It’s as small and light as your cell phone
  • 24/7 access
  • Available in the Operation Room while on- or preparing to go on Bypass
  • Searches instantaneously
  • It is Peer Reviewed & Vetted Material
  • No size restrictions
  • May have the information you need to help save a life.

What are the Advantages for the Client Hospital to have an Online P&P Resource?

  • A Quantum Leap from Established Paradigms…
  • 24/7 Access
  • Increased use, visibility, and availability
  • A significant step towards healthcare mandates to streamline and digitalize Medical data and information processes.
  • Staff Readiness / Compliance Assessment
  • Ability to make a comment or suggestion regarding a specific Policy or Procedure
  • Simple Sign Off / Authorization Process
  • Instant Review of ongoing Clinical Practice (Perfusion Performance Indicators entered after every case).
  • Immediate and direct communication regarding issues as they come up (all comments are immediately forwarded to the CQI/Database Admin.)