New Technologies: The MedLED CHROME Headlight


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Editor’s Note:

Recently at one of the OR’s I was visiting, we had a visit from a rep from The KLS Martin Group, regarding a fresh perspective on an old problem: Cordless Headlights that have the muscle to last through an open heart procedure.

I was impressed with the enthusiasm and tenaciousness of this KLS representative, Lauren Versaggi, PA-C.  Very professional, and quite interactive with our heart surgeon, Dr. Ladden, who is very discerning to say the least, and meticulous when scrutinizing personnel as well as trial equipment/tecnologies.

Lauren Versaggi, PA-C

So we tried it for one procedure, the most obvious advantage was not have to move (or commit to two) light sources.  Bonus round for the circulating nurses as well as not having to disconnect the headlight when allowing a scrub tech to go to stand above the surgeon to retract the heart.

The jury is still out regarding the performance pluses and minuses of the headlight- but it was used for the entire case- so that speaks volumes.


Either way, it was fun day, with very decent people to work with.

The tech specs are below, and taken directly for the company website.  And here is a link to the website to take a look at if for yourself:

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Technical Specifications:

The CHROME Cordless Headlight




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