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This is the second post regarding VAD technology. These posts are not meant to promote or recommend any particular system over another system.  That is  not what this forum is about.

These devices are out there and being used by our peers, so I ask exactly that from you- an honest peer response about your clinical assessment and experiences with these systems.  We are looking seriously at upgrading our VAD capability.

I was asked by one of our surgeons about the ROTOFLOW.  Having not seen it personally, I wanted to solicit opinions of individuals that have had the opportunity to either trial it- or have seen a demonstration of this device.  Any and all comments would be appreciated, please leave them in the comments section.

We are also looking at the CentriMag VAD (read previous new-technologies) and would welcome any opinions or comparisons regarding the differences between the two pumps.   There are some comments on the previous review (click to read previous comments) .

Realizing that there is a cost difference between the two systems, I would like to avoid prejudice here, based on cost alone.  Are there any performance or clinical aspects that separates one from the other?

What I have found out so far …


  • The pump head is unique, simple, and sophisticated. In fact, it’s the only one with metal shaft and seal eliminated; this pump features a peg-top, one-point sapphire bearing, which lowers friction substantially. Its spiral housing ensures an optimized flow ratio with no stagnant zones. The centrifugal pump’s minimal priming volume of 32 ml considerably reduces hemodilution. (Product Literature)
  • The ROTAFLOW Console operates independently as stand-alone with its own battery back-up and power supply.

Stand-Alone Features:

  • Integrated flow and bubble sensors in drive unit
  • LPM mode for convenient flow-controlled pumping
  • Low-level operation
  • Integrated battery back-up of 90 min
  • Large four-digit alphanumeric displays for flow and speed


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Coupling magnetic
Speed 0 to 5000 RPM
Pressure max. 750 mmHg
Flow meter ultrasonic
Bubble sensor ultrasonic
Pump stop air bubbles > 5 mm (0.065 cm3)
Motor brushless DC
Voltage +24V

The ROTAFLOW Centrifugal Pump

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What I haven’t found out yet …


The most important thing …

Your thoughts on the matter  🙂


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