National 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study Launched


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National 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study Launched

Research is validated by MedPanel, LLC, a Cambridge, MA, independent leader in primary market research in the life science industry

Dunedin, FL – July 21, 2015 – Trident Health Resources, Inc. announced today the launch of The 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study (, which is intended to help hospitals and perfusion staffing companies gain valuable insight into compensation of clinical perfusionists. As part of the study, hosts an anonymous survey containing questions regarding perfusionists’ jobs. Currently- employed clinical perfusionists are invited to participate. MedPanel, an independent life sciences research company, will then validate compensation data submitted by respondents to authenticate survey submissions. At the conclusion of the study, Key Researcher, Doreen M. Lewis, PhD, will provide a detailed statistically valid and reliable data report to on the compensation averages nationally and regionally with analyses of Recruitment of participants is underway. The survey announcement, below, will be mailed to all certified perfusionists (approximately 3,900 perfusionists). A link to the online survey will be advertised at perfusionist websites, message boards, and on social media. An honorarium will be paid and is offered to the first 350 volunteer participants.

A complete summary report of collected data will include information on perfusionist compensation and benefits including analyses based on national and regional scope, employer types, gender, education, years of experience, and other areas as sample “In providing cardiovascular perfusion services, the clinician is the most valuable asset who underpins the value of excellent care for every heart patient”  said Ralph E. Jordan, President and CEO of Trident, who is funding the study:

“We look forward to incorporating what we learn from the 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study to publish and share the findings with industry professionals working in open heart programs as well as perfusionists, individually, adding another career-building resource for perfusionists to use in advancing their own personal career goals.”


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An issue with traditional salary surveys is that participants are sometimes concerned that after sharing their salary data, they will be later contacted or placed on a mailing list. This study ensures that personally identifiable information is anonymous. No employers will be contacted, and the survey is completely anonymous.

Previous perfusionist salary surveys reported compensation based on reported numbers that had not been validated. The 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study is a landmark study because results are confidentially checked by an independent firm against participant submitted paystubs (with identifying information blacked out) to Surveying perfusionists about compensation and career data provides standardization. The ability to compare data regionally and based on demographic criteria can serve as a guide to all hospitals, staffing companies, and other employers to justify budgets within their formal compensation plans.

A personal audio message and letter of introduction from the key researcher and project manager is at the “ABOUT” link at the website. Phone or email inquiries will be answered immediately and inquirers do not need to identify themselves.

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Perfusion Volunteers Needed for Survey


The 2015 Perfusionist Salary Study is a national study about clinical perfusionists. Volunteer participants are sought to take an online survey that collects information about participants’ current employment/income. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Income verification in this study is made by an independent research company by comparing survey participant survey responses with participant-submitted paystubs (with identifying information blacked out).

The study will compare job information and salaries of perfusionists based on demographic criteria. Results will be reported and include statistically validated summary data that is publicly accessible to perfusionists and perfusionist employers, with the potential to help employers determine fair wages aligned with industry national and local averages. This study is conducted under the direction of Researcher, Doreen M. Lewis, PhD, Vice President of Marketing Research and IT, at Trident Health Resources, Inc., and validated by Lisa Griffith, MedPanel

Qualifications for Participation

 are currently working as a perfusionist for one employer in the United States

 have ability to access the online survey at

 have about 10 minutes time to answer non-identifying questions about yourself (for example, age, gender, geographic location, your job title, your compensation and benefits).

 can provide a pay-stub copy image (with any identifying information blackened out to keep

$25 Honorarium Paid to 1st 350 Applicants

  • Honorarium is paid through MedPanel – No identifying information is shared with researcher.
  • Survey Start Date: July 13, 2015 until completion

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