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Home page / Archives44,987
About Circuit Surfers2,575
Rx for Hemolytic Reaction1,591
Perfusion Art Gallery1,234
MicroCircuits & Rapping1,034
Adequacy of Perfusion:996
Clotting Factors & Synonyms924
Sickle Cell Anemia917
New Technologies:882
Perfusion Salary Survey Results870
New Grad: Amanda Starleaf851
Oxygen Pressure Field Theory I753
Dabigatran (Pradaxa)721
New Grad: Stephen L. Robinson713
Failing Oxygenator712
New Technologies : FerroFluids- Artificial Heart Technology682
Clotting Factors660
A Day In The Life… [1]642
ECMOjo : Online ECMO Simulator631
Case Study: CPB & Pregnancy582
Heparin Alternatives564
Survey Results: ECC Setups561
New Technologies546
Hemostasis Assays528
STS & Perfusion520
Saturday Morning Brunch VI493
HELP ! Sodium Bicarbonate Shortage488
A Unique Case Review:484
VAD / ECMO Policy480
The 1st Year Out…[1]461
Saturday Morning Brunch III440
Mentors & CPB439
When the Bullet Hits the Bone …420
New Grad: Jenna Lynn Cornibe419
Bi-Caval Dual Lumen Catheter415
Colloid v. Crystalloid ?412
Graphics Repository408
Hemostasis Assays407
Blood Volume Expanders:¬†Voluven™390
HeartMate & HIT378
The Essential Ingredient: ECMO Nurses375
New Grad: Edward Laine369
Protecting the Brain361
New Grad: Chris Jessee355
The Good The Bad The Ugly…349
A Global Perfusion Initiative346
The Joshua Story [2]335
Cerebral Perfusion335
EURO-ELSO 1st Congress: Spring 2012333
Not Quite Primed [1]331
Data & Such324
Saturday Morning Brunch IX313
Free Resume’ & Job Posting312
Perfusion Profiles: Tya310
From Point A to Point B : Packed Cells306
Interpretation of the Anion Gap: Oxygen Pressure Field Theory VIII300
A Man on a Mission: [1]299
STS: Meds: Anti-Lipids290
PICU Rocks !289
Free Resume’ & Job Posting285
Tunnel Vision282
Saturday Morning Brunch VIII282
Lifelines for Heart Patients281
Perfusion Notes: [8]280
Sternal Closure 2279
An Interview with A Perfusion Nomad…275
Career Perfusionist: [1] What is a Perfusionist ?275
How Much Mannitol & Why ?269
Protamine Reaction266
Music, Caesar, & Circuit Surfers266
A Day In The Life… [2]259
Locums Survey257
Wisconsin Perfusion Society : Spring 2012255
Sternal Closure 1251
Backing Up Nebraska …251
Newly Graduated: Jacoby Jose246
different worlds same blood246
The Package246
Mr. Sid Yarrow: Perfusion Pioneer238
Perfusion Notes: [3]237
On Pump233
Perfusion Glitches: Fatigue & Air in Arterial Line233
Perfusion Notes: [1]233
Night Vision 2231
Not Quite Primed [2]231
photo 3 (2)231
Patient Premonitions231
Yes or No ? Circuit Surfers Dot Com231
Looking for Protocols… The Potential Benefits of del Nido Cardioplegia :231
Ready To Go On230
Fiber Optic IABP :229
Are We Making Progress ?229
ECMOjo : Online ECMO Simulator [Reprint]229
A father226
Media Scrum226
Locums Available: Nadia224
Perfusion Travelers Needed223
Perfusionist Seeking Position219
Live Blog: ANZCP Down Under [3]218