Merry Christmas ! 2012


xmas 2012

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To B. Martinez & The Rest of his Platoon:  ____________   Afghanistan


From Kash, Frank, our 4 children, our two dawgs, two mice- and 1 hermit crab in a Batman shell.

I’m ex- Navy (HM2) and wish you’ all safety and God Speed !   You make sure and let us know if you need something- and we will do out best to get it to you.

Merry Christmas !


It’s been a wonderful year, with many twists and turns.  I have met great people and some fantastic things have come into my life.



I hope your year has been equally as rich and rewarding.


The BEST Christmas’s Ever !

Wrapping 101  (I Pump better than I Wrap ! )


Step 1:  The Lay of the Land …  🙁



Step 2:  (and the FINAL Step)  The Finished product !

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From the CircuitSurfers Team _______ (ummm… that would be all of us… )

Frank Aprile, BBA, LP, CCP