Media Scrum

(This is actually @ the End of the day…)

An interesting day in the OR here. Every once in a while a high profile case that is deemed “media-worthy” falls into your lap.

In this case it’s a charity pediatric ASD repair for a young girl from south of our southern borders.

I’m a bystander so to speak- as I only do adult cases, but one of my colleagues is an excellent pediatric perfusionist (as well as adult) and since I was doing some other rather mundane clinical work (platelet gel sequestrations) on orthopedic cases x a bunch, I decided to hang around and capture some of the noise and become part of the picture.

Not to say I am a media hog, but it’s always interesting to see the hive warm up as the buzz of journalists, local, and possibly national, media settles into our environment.

So I asked the film guy to take a picture of me – trying to look like the film guy…

(I don’t think anyone was fooled … I make a better Gekko than a Chameleon)

Our crew of skilled PICU nurses… 🙂

There are two noteworthy pediatric heart surgeons in attendance, two pediatric perfusionists, one adult perfusionist, three scrubs, one circulating nurse, one ‘ologist, three local reporters, two film camera men, two digital photographers, one hospital media public relations rep, and our more than capable and hospitable ECMO coordinator (that would be MarTaay…).

And oh yeah- the welcoming committee in the PICU consisting of two Nurses, one RT, an Intensivist, and a couple of other residents and what not.

That’s a lot of CO2 for one O.R..

These people make up the tip of the spear .

They kinda look like Alien Pod People ….

I noted to my colleague, that in terms of the perfusionists in the room, that together the three of us represented more than 60 + years of perfusion experience, and more than that in terms of surgical experience.

It is always a heady rush to see so many people come together for the benefit of one common goal albeit different paradigms and professional agendas. That to me is what this is all about.

A picture of people taking pictures to turn videos into pictures…