LVAD Pioneers… :(

Editor’s Note:

This is a painting by Michael-Joshua MorrisHe is a friend, a frequent contributor to this blog, as well as his own, and has been incredibly courageous in his efforts to promote awareness of VAD technology.  He has had a  Heartmate II for two years and counting.

He just lost a friend…  that’s what this post is about .

It goes without saying that you (Cris) and Suzanne are the MOST SPECIAL AND LOVING COUPLE I HAVE MET!!!! You guys were the first LVAD family that I was in contact with through my Blog. You have given me UNLIMITED inspiration and love to proudly strive forward.

To me Cris and Suzanne Torio set the bar for the “perfect” Husband and Wife team… There isn’t even a close second in my mind. Cris and Kids… We love you with all our strength and I am soooooooooo blessed to have known Suzanne in my lifetime, her sweet soul is a gift from God and I thank him for that. We LOVE you Suzanne…