To India: Long Distance Advice…

Editor’s Note:

I was just kicking around Face Book when I got an online message from somewhere in India (I believe).

Let me clarify 1st-  that I DO NOT represent myself or this blog as a Perfusion Help Line- but I do advocate that we use new media to facilitate situations exactly like this.

So let me present to you- the situation- as I myself was presented in real time about an hour ago.  Help me along with the thought process and make some recommendations if you feel like it 🙂


Want to Help Interpret This?

So here I am a little confused in real time- the vernacular had me mixed up- but now I get it:  Cardioplegia = 1 line for blood & 1 line for crystalloid…

So now I am lost- not sure if he is doing or attempting perfusion to two separate vascular beds-  but I get that he has two lines coming off of his recirc.

I’m narrowing in- but still haven’t quite got it.  I am confused about the 2 lines off the recirc- if only one pump is delivering blood.

Here I am thinking both raceways are separate complete 4:1 systems.  The two lines off the recirc still has me misdirected.

Ok NOW I get the separate pump ( 1 for blood, 1 for crystalloid) thing- and it seems like a very simple question.  I am now ASSUMING that the inlet source for the crystalloid is NOT off the recirc, but from a cardioplegia bag.

What do y’all think ?