Locums Survey Results !

Perfusion Locums Survey  Results

Authored By ;  Nadia Azuero, B.S., CCP, LP

This Survey was Intended to Sort a Few Things Out…

The bar is set pretty high when you arrive. I don’t know you, and you don’t know me. But as a perfusionist, I expect that you would scrutinize me as you would any new staff member. And when I say “me” it is a metaphor for all of the part time help- or Locums that are out there basically walking into a new and raw environment.

This survey was designed to promote not the use of a Locums, but the understanding of expectations and interactions and preconceptions that may come into play when you contract one.

As a Locums myself, I run into a mix of questions that I ask myself before I arrive- not because I don’t know my answer, but because I anticipate (as any perfusionist would) that these are the questions on the minds of the new staff I am about to interact with.

  • Why Don’t you have a permanent job?
  • Have you had problems somewhere else?
  • Can we count on you?
  • How fast can you learn the system?
  • Can you handle an ECMO at the last minute?
  • Can you handle a new environment?
  • What if our surgeons are too tough- can you handle it?
  • Can you work with a surgeon you meet the morning of the case and strive to have it progress as flawlessly as possible?
  • Are you trying to take our contract?

So without further ado…  The Survey Numbers…


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Nadia Azuero, B.S., CCP, LP

Author’s Bio

Nadia Azuero, B.S., CCP, LP

I’ve been a cardiovascular perfusionist for 9 years and have been doing locums for 5 years on and off.

Being a perfusionist is, in my eyes, one of the most specific of allied health professions not because of the duties entailed, but also because we are the eyes and ears of the operating room.

As a locums this perception has served me well. I’ve specialized in mini-circuits, pediatrics, adults, circulatory arrest cases and some ancillary perfusion techniques.

My goal is to continue to do serve the perfusion community in every aspect that I can when given the opportunity.

It’s a rare job for rare people.

Nadia Azuero, B.S., CCP, LP

(404) 944-0685