Live YouTube CEU’s: Save Money and Get the Category 1 CEU’s that You Need

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To All:

This year we will be “upping the ante” again with our Live Webcast by making it available on Youtube! This new platform will allow many new amazing features as follows:

1. Ability to pause and resume live video feed.
2. Multi-platform capability on every device that supports YouTube.
3. Ablity to “cast” presention to larger screens (Apple TV, Chromecast, etc).
4. Real-time chat discussion and polling capability.
5. Ability to embed video on our FaceBook group and other social media platforms.
6. Real-time transcoding to support slow internet connections.
7. Vastly improved reliability of the video steam.
8. Real-time publishing of the video feed, so they will be online immediately (no waiting for production).
9. Real-time attendance tracking and simulcast with WebEx.
10. Ability to add presenter’s name above their video image.
12. Ability to have up to 4 different camera angles on presenter.
13. Ability for remote presenters to be on YouTube live.
14. Stay tuned for more, as we are just scratching the surface!

Please visit the YouTube feed for video samples and to subscribe to our new channel.

We will be adding tons more content this week!


Bryan V. Lich, CCP
President Inc & Sanibel Symposium
40 CEU Credits in 2017