Live Blog: ANZCP Down Under [0]

Media Journalism by…

Martin Gill: Perfusionist

(Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Sydney Australia)

Editor’s Note:  This opportunity is provided by the efforts of, Mr. Martin Gill, perfusionist, who is attending this meeting in Sydney.

Thank you sir for your effort & contribution.

The intention here @ CircuitSurfers is to offer up a library of these types of objective POV’s (Points of View) to highlight conferences as well as “personalize” what a potential attendee can expect if deciding to participate.

Pre-Conference:  T minus 1 Day


My name is Martin Gill and I am nervously keen about ‘blogging’ the Australian and New Zealand College of Perfusionists Annual Scientific Meeting.

This year the meeting is being held in Sydney from the 3-5th November.

I am hoping that through the process of blogging this conference I will be not only letting international perfusionists know what the hot issues being discussed are ‘down under’, but also letting perfusionists around the world know what a damn good meeting this is- and who knows maybe even increase the chance of meeting a few of our international colleagues at next year’s meeting.

Okay- a little bit about me. I am from a nursing background in the UK. I came out to Australia in 2002 for 1 year (9 years, 1 wife, 3 children and a sizable mortgage later I’m still here). I did spend a few years nursing in Oz and then made the ‘jump to the pump’ in 2007. I finished my perfusion training in 2010 and am thoroughly enjoy working at The Heart Centre for Children, Sydney, Australia.

When I’m not behind the pump I enjoy a bit of time out with the family, and if time permits continue the indoctrination of my children into the virtues of Middlesbrough Football Club and old SKA records.

Well only 1 day to go till the meeting. If you are interested in checking out where I will be spending the next few days feel free to visit the conference website….


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