Letters To ‘Surfers: I enjoy the postings from the perfusionist in the street…


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Was just going through some mail and stuff- and saw a few comments that I thought were interesting and would like to share.



Various thoughts on or “About Circuit Surfers”


Hi Frank,

Anyway, with regards to your question re circuit surfers- I have personally always enjoyed the web site since I first found it via your early posts on permail/ perflist. I have also enjoyed watching the site grow.

For me it serves many purposes. One such purpose is as an educational resource- in particular I am thinking of the fantastic material posted by such people as Gary Grist and Steve Sutton.

Secodly I find it very valuable to watch developing trends from your side of the pond such as equipment based questions and trends, as well as the recent drug shortages etc. I have only admiration for the way you manage to find the time to get on top of these subjects and find the time to put together well thought out and research based reply’s / presentations.

Thirdly I enjoy the postings from the perfusionist in the street (if you know what I mean)- the regular guys experience- this always strikes a chord.If I am honest (which I do have a habit of being) I initially thought the photo thing was a great idea and enjoyed immensely looking at the submitted material.

This enjoyment then turned to a slight concern as it, for a time, appeared that that was all people were submitting, and I guess I missed that excitement of seeing a surfers post in my inbox only to find it was another photo.

I am inclined to agree with you though; of late the balance seems to be getting just about right. I feel the quality of posts is great and are coming through at a reasonable rate, and these are interspersed with a good amount of the photos

.As I am sure you would, I would enjoy more of the power point presentations from eminent international perfusionists, but hey- when they do come they are always worth the wait.

I hope this is helpful/ useful- of course this is just my opinion (for what that’s worth).

Cheers for now.