Letters From Saudi Arabia: Plz Recommend a Perfusion Program


Editor’s Note:

Hi Guys,

I got this letter from a graduating nursing student from Saudi Arabia.

If you have any suggestions for a great perfusion school you would like to recommend- please respond here in the comments section, or directly to Mr. Wafe at his listed email address.

I need your help from Saudi Arabia just advice…

“Good morning,

I would like ask you about perfusion course where I can take it after I graduate from nursing.   Where do you suggest?

I am from Saudi Arabia.

Thank you…”

Albalooshy Wafe

Email[email protected]


Hi Mr. Wafe,

Thanks for the note.

I appreciate your request and think that you have many options depending on your goals and academic background.  There are many programs to choose from in your geographic region, or further if you wish to travel.  Italy has some great programs, as do many other European nations.  India as well offers many Masters level programs, and the United States is also an option.

Here are two links for some great information on perfusion education.  There are certainly MANY OTHER PROGRAMS- so let this just be a start until you get ideas from others about programs they recommend.

Just click on the images to go to the link…



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Bharat Datt,Msc,CCP,CPC 7h

I would recommend The Michener Institute of Applied Health Sciences-Toronto-Ontario Canada.

Its a shorter program-less than 2 years-reasonable fee and you are board Eligible for ABCP,CSCP and ECCP after gradaution.
Michener students regularly top the American board exams and have very strong clinical rotations.

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Accredited Perfusion Education Programs in Europe