Letters From Italy: Thesis Topic Suggestions?

Elisabetta Maio

Hi Guys,

I got this letter from a young Italian perfusion student.  She is looking for ideas for her thesis. Do you all have any suggestions?

There are a million possibilities.  If any of you have any ideas- please submit them or leave Elisabetta a message in the comments section?

Thanks ! = = 🙂


Elisabetta Maio

hi frank!

i’m elisabetta from italy. i’m at the second year of university, course of perfusion. your blog circuit surfers is very amazing! I read about it thanks to facebook group of giuseppe salerno about perfusionists.

i contact you because i’m searching a good inspiration about my thesis of third year.

can you help me suggesting some amazing argoment? something that can interest the commission… also something to experiment..
thanks for your availability



ps: excuse me for my bad english!:)

Hi Elisabetta,

Thanks for the note.  Your English BTW is much better than my Italian- so thanks for making the effort.

Hopefully you shall get some good suggestions here or on FB.  Thank you again for visiting and reading Circuit Surfers.

Below is my suggestion of something I would find fascinating to research…


Possible Thesis Topic ?


Do Simulators Replace Experience ?

Since I have zero experience with simulators, that question is best tabled to those of you that have trained with them or have at least played around with them.

My feeling is that they help a lot.  They can create scenario’s that one would have to wait several years in terms of real life clinical experience- to actually encounter.

Any ideas ?

The Orpheus Simulator…