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Editor’s Note:

Sometimes you have to take a step back to take a breath of life- and then move on forward.

Today is one of those days…

Quite a while ago I was there when I caught my 1st glimpse of my brother Hugh.

I was too young to really go to the hospital- but I waited all day for when my dad (Massimo) was to bring home my future brother- Hugh. To this day he never knew that i was the first to greet him when he passed through the doors of our house.

Our brother Marc was there and took him under his wing. 🙂

I was too old and immature to be effervescent, and too young to really know how to greet life, but I wasn’t so young as to let the moment escape me or prevent it from being a permanent engraving in my life memory.

My brother now has 3 children, two beautiful young girls that are twins, and now a new son named Max.

Our father would be proud, and I am so grateful my brother and his family are well 🙂

God Bless you Hugh- and all that is yours.


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Preparations …



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The Home of the Aprile’s


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Land of the Aprile’s


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Daughters of the Aprile’s


Sister’s to Max (I kinda feel for him 🙂 )

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The Newest APRILE !


Meet Max ! (With Dad of course)

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From The Other Aprile’s…


From your cousin Justin: Hey Bro 🙂


2013 New Year

Dreaming of you on 2013 new Years 🙂



From your cousin: Kimbers 🙂



From your cousin: Maria Aprile 🙂



From your Aunt: Taking your picture: Kashmir Aprile 🙂



From your Uncle: God Bless You Max 🙂

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