Kierra Jones? LET’S INVEST in the Future :)

Editor’s Note:

I decided to write this endorsement for Kierra Jones- because well- she just doesn’t quit.  You may remember that I wrote a post about her (see below) because of how well she articulated her reasons for wanting to enter the profession- as well as the dogged tenacity she has employed to meet her goal.  Anyway- her request for assistance speaks for itself.
I wish to note for the record that Kierra did NOT approach me to post this article or share it– but I saw her GoFundMe page from a LinkedIn feed.  I read it, appreciated her position- as I myself ate a lot of Top Ramen Noodles- getting through Perfusion school- while working a part time job- just to afford to go to school.  So I totally get it.
Kierra IMO- could use some help- so maybe help her?
Or not…
Here was her initial message that caught my attention
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You have to respect anyone that works this hard

gets past so many obstacles- to even get to this point.
I personally feel that it’s a very solid investment-
Here is a link to her GoFundMe page-  Click Below

Here is the previous introduction I posted quite a while ago.

She did NOT get into the perfusion program on her first try- but she didn’t quit.  That pretty much sums it up 🙂
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“We do not meet people by accident.”

They are meant to cross our path for a reason.

Fall of 2014, my junior year at Alabama A&M University, I was reintroduced to my purpose. Having to decide whether I wanted to go main stream as a medical professional, was completely stressing me out. Sitting across from my general chemistry teacher in his office discussing the new edition of the MCAT test prep was definitely my heart check. “You’ve got a strong idea of the profession and life you want to live,” Dr. Hassan said, “but make sure this is something you will love to do.” Having to hurry off to dance practice, Dr. Hassan’s words resonated in way that none had before, but there was very little time to thoroughly contemplate as over a dozen women with their very different personalities and attitudes would soon await my guidance.

Rehearsal ends and the day is finally winding down but my mind and body is in reverse wanting to recap over the discussions and decisions ahead. Hours pass and it is well past midnight when I make one of the best decisions of my life; I am not going to medical school.After robust research, I surveyed through 70+ medical careers without medical school and rediscovered a previous interest as my true calling, Cardiovascular Perfusion. The notion ‘time has a wonderful way of showing us what truly matters,” brings me back to the childhood memory I have of my grandfather who first introduced perfusion technology to me. His first encounters with a cardiovascular perfusionist, or pump tech at the time, left lasting impressions on him for he saw the same characteristics in the professional as he did in his own granddaughter: strong communication skills, quick critical thinking, and attentiveness. Dismissing his ideal career for me but staying closely knit with volunteer work, case shadowing and landing a job after undergrad in cardiology services still kept his ideals afloat.

Although at the time I could not see his direct influence but having come full circle again gives me confidence to pursue my rediscovery of perfusion as a profession.I am a hard worker and quick learner who has learned to handle conflicts and responsibilities since I am the oldest of four children. I emanate a high level of ethical, intellectual, professional and personal values which complements my vision and mission on becoming a perfusionist.

More than a decade later, now accepted into the Texas Heart Institute School of Perfusion Technology Program, I cannot wait to finally go forth with my purpose in life. Having genuine interest in both the booming field of medicine and advancement in technology, I believe this interesting combination is a definite career plan of mine. Working in this profession will showcase the upper hand in this ageing community, for this is the time now more than ever to continue a growing force in research and education. Acquiring knowledge of these services and training to better serve humanity is my long-term goal for I view perfusionists as modern-day heroes being the significant life line that patients and loved ones do not always see but most importantly being the irreplaceable expert others cannot be.

Overall, my main aspiration is to establish a perfusion school in my home state of Alabama. With the knowledge and skills I will develop, I plan on reducing the toll of cardiovascular disease by using my certification to travel and become Canadian and European Board Certified as well.I am ready now to pursue my goal of becoming a perfusionist for I believe I have the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment, displaying a sense of urgency along with the communication skills I have developed through my current line of work.

My ability to adapt and succeed in a high stress environment along with my strong work ethic will do more than ensure that I will be a successful student and perfusionist.

Tuition is $25,000 for the year and is separated into four payments of $6,250 each. Payments are due the first day of January, April, July, and October. As my class begins on January 2nd, the first tuition payment will be due that day. Tuition can be paid via check, money order, or credit card so any and all donations will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.