INTERMITTENT dose of FACT when Reality BITES

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INTERMITTENT dose of FACT when Reality BITES

Let me quote a famous drolly statement, “In the beginning, God created the Heavens and the Earth… the rest was made in China.”

I am sharing our “perfusionist-friendly” and cost effective disposable blood cardioplegia delivery system set. A product of Ke Wei Medical Instrument company , manufactured in Dong Guan City, GuangDong Province, Republic of China.

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Some Facts:

The Features Checklist:

❶ Tubing sizes configured for a 4:1 ratio of  blood-crystalloid cardioplegia solution.

❷ Made of a transparent material with a bubble trap that provides a clear visualization if an air is trapped in while priming and during delivery per se.

❸ Stainless coiled loops for cooling system.

❹ Low priming volume.

❺ With port for pressure monitoring during infusion.

❻ Circuit is connected to the cardiotomy reservoir to facilitate its debubbling.

❼ Injection port allows drug administration.

To this extent, it is recommended for use and is safe for pediatric and adult patients assuring accurate mixture of blood-crystalloid cardioplegia delivery.

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