Implementation of an Electronic Identification System in the Setting of Perioperative Autologous Cell Salvage Transfusion: Experience at A University Hospital.

Transfus Apher Sci. 2021 Sep 24. Online ahead of print

Perioperative autologous cell salvage (PACS) is one of the effective strategies in patient blood management (PBM). However, mistransfusion, in which the wrong blood is transfused to the wrong patient, of PACS units has been reported. In this study, we implemented a bar code-based electronic identification system (EIS) for blood transfusion in the setting of PACS transfusion. Between February 2009 and December 2020, a total of 12341 surgical patients (9% of whom received surgical interventions) received blood transfusion, among whom 6595 (54 %) received autologous blood transfusion alone, 2877 (23 %) both autologous and allogeneic blood transfusions, and 2869 (23 %) allogeneic blood transfusion alone. Among autologous blood conservation techniques, PACS units were transfused to 7873 patients (83 %) without a single mistransfusion. Rates of overall compliance with the electronic pre-transfusion check at the bedside for all autologous units and PACS units were 98.8 and 98.5 %, respectively. Our observations suggest that a bar code-based EIS can be successfully applied to PACS transfusion, as well as allogeneic blood transfusion in operating rooms.