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Editors Note:

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Brian C. Forsberg MPH CCP, the team of ICHF, and interviewing Dr. Bill Novick over that past couple of years. 

The “BabyHeart” blog is in my opinion, a very well written and insightful effort that brings us to the front lines of perfusion at it’s rawest and best.

I would like to share with you a link to an amazing story, that I hope you will take the time to read and participate in as well 🙂

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Hope Renewed



In February, Corazones Guerreros Unidos contacted us with a letter from a desperate mother of a little girl named Elizabeth who lives in Loja, Ecuador with a rare heart defect. Elizabeth’s mother, Tania, heard about ICHF through an article on another Ecuadorian patient, Paulita, who received a life-saving operation from our team in October 2012. With the support of Paulita’s mother, a woman who had experienced the same anguish as Tonia now finds herself in, Tonia wrote a letter to ICHF in hopes that our team could save her little girl. The following is an excerpt from her letter:

“I know you to be a people of great heart and you have helped restore hope to many children who have the will to live. I ask you with all my heart to help me with my girl.  I will have great suffering and emptiness in my life if I lose her and she is the light that illuminates our lives with strength and love. She gives me the courage to live each day.”

After reviewing Elizabeth’s records, Babyheart Founder and Medical Director, Dr. William Novick noted that Elizabeth would need another test to clarify the characteristics of her defect. With the help of Fundación El Cielo Para los Niños and the team at the local hospital, Elizabeth was scheduled to receive further testing from the Hospital del Niño Dr. Francisco de Ycaza Bustamante in Guayaquil, Ecuador in March.

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