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Editor‘s Note:


It’s been about 30 months- and Circuit Surfers seems to have had a a positive impact. 

13 out of 33 perfusionists, posting their on-line resume’s on ‘Surfers, are gainfully employed in full-time positions.  I’m sure ALL of them- got some sort of response or employment look at some point- as a result of a FREE ‘Surfers ad.

But 13 0f 33 isn’t bad:)  That’s a 39 % success rate!

We didn’t do it all- but we had a hand in helping to get these perfusionists hired…

Congratulations and good luck to all of you !



I accepted a position and have just recently begun my career as a Cardiovascular Perfusionist! Thank you for uploading my resume to the website.

It was great exposure and it lead to multiple conversations with perfusionists that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred. Hope to run into you at a conference in the near future!


Rob Murrell


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“Dear Frank,

This is Jijith Abraham, graduate from Texas Heart. We chatted few weeks ago about the position in South Bend. I accepted their offer and starting my work this Monday. Me and my wife move down here last Friday and so far we liked the city very much.

I want to thank you so much for all your help regarding my job search and circuit surfers website really helped me to find new job openings and good educational articles related to perfusion.

I really appreciate you take the time to help me with my application and telling me little bit about south bend. I wish you all the best in everything you do. Thanks!!


Jijith Abraham”


“I actually got an email from a perfusionist at Mass. General in Boston, who saw my resume and encouraged me to apply for a position there, even though it was not yet posted. So, I applied and last week they emailed me to set up a phone interview! So, thank you for “putting me out there.” Hopefully there will be more to come!”




Thank you so much for your support. I am happy to announce that I have found a job!



“Hi Frank,

I did find a job. You can change my status.”


“Hi Frank!

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond.  To be honest, I misplaced the Email and forgot about it, but you can definitely can list me as hired on your website!

Although Circuit Surfers didn’t lead directly to me being hired by my current employer, it definitely got the ball rolling! 

Thanks to Circuit Surfers, surgical reps and perfusionists at several contract groups viewed my post on CircuitSurfers and were able to spread the word about this qualified new-grad looking for a job.

As word got around, it led to me having several interviews and finally deciding to accept a job in Fort Smith, Arkansas with Cardiovascular Insights LLC, a Florida contract group. 

Thanks again to Frank and all the staff associated with CircuitSurfers for helping me out! ”


“Yes, go ahead and list me as hired. 

I’ve actually had this position since September 2011. 

The site did help me though.  It did not get me the job but it helped me in morale and motivation.”


” I ‘m very excited to tell you that you can add a “hired” to my resume profile.”


Scrubbing in San Francisco


Somewhere in the Dakotas …


” Frank, I found a job ! “


” Thanks again for being very helpful to us new graduates ! “




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