Hybrid OR [1] The Genesis of


Meet Andrea…  One part of the beginning of the process-

Space 1

Editor’s Note:

Over the past year or so, a Hybrid room as been under construction, here in West Texas.  Being very close to one of the cardiac operating rooms- during this process, the sounds of drilling and hammering mix in with Pink Floyd, Annie Lennox, some “ya-done-me-wrong” Texas love/beer songs- and just became another little bump in the road, during a distal anastamosis- or a mitral repair.

That was a lot of fun- let me tell ‘ya…

“HYBRID” sounds so alien and foreign.  As if it referred to some sort of experiment in cross species genetic mutations or breeding. In other words- another sequel to Jurassic Park…

What in actuality it truly is-

A unique team approach of heart surgeons and interventional cardiologists, sharing a common effort to cure heart disease, will enable complex cardiac interventions through minimally invasive treatments in this new hybrid OR setting.

The cardiac Hybrid OR brings together the best of cardiology and the best of cardiac surgery by providing a diagnostic and operative environment with the most advanced imaging technology and surgical robotics, including the DaVinci robot. Patients in this OR can receive treatments ranging from stents all the way to minimally invasive bypass surgery performed with the DaVinci robot.

Source: https://www.umm.edu/heart/hybrid-or.htm#ixzz2KFU2WkW1

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Wow!  Our NEW Hybrid OR !

Space 1

Procedures Performed in Hybrid Operating Rooms…

Source: https://www.umm.edu/heart/hybrid-or.htm#ixzz2KFTe8W26

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So When the Hammers Stopped…

Curiosity finally wins out- the townsfolk come out and The Hybrid Room is unveiled …



The Shroud … that hides the Hybrid Room.



The Power Source … 

Looks like a place where people from the future-  travel back in time-  to change the past 🙂


Tya 2

And there she is- Perfusionist Tya- Welcoming the gang into the room …



Not sure why the colors keep changing ?



Reflect THIS !



Reflection of the View from behind Leaded Glass:  The Control Room



INSIDE The Control Room


Tya 1

And Tya is back …  An amazing smile on that girl 🙂



It just looks like you should call it – “A Hybrid Room”



Highly Paid Models wearing O.R. Scrubs …  (Vanna White got started like this)



ESCAPE of the Pod People …



STUCK!  In a Time Vortex Worm Hole …


Space 1


So at least we know now- what it looks like …

Come back to read up on how it all comes together when we Go Live 🙂

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