How Far do We Reach? Say Hello To Bursa…


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Editor’s Note:

This photo captured my imagination.  On many levels…

It speaks to me because it shows the human spirit for what it truly is- and suggests that life is truly the grandest of adventures- thus well worth preserving (that’s what WE do).

Bursa is in Turkey- it is NOT a sac of synovial fluid in a knee joint.  This person Fikriye Barış friended the Surfer’s FB pageso I took a closer look- hence this post.

Our community is expanding and we are almost at a 50/50 split of visitors from the US and those visiting from other countries.  I have and DO enjoy the cultural mix ad feel that as an international community we have grown up a lot.

It’s Friday, have a great weekend and enjoy 🙂


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About Bursa

This article is about the city. For bursas in the human body, see Synovial bursa. For other uses, see Bursa (disambiguation).

Bursa is a large city in Turkey, located in northwestern Anatolia, within the Marmara Region. It is the fourth most populous city in Turkey and one of the most industrialized metropolitan centers in the country. The city is also the administrative center of Bursa Province.

Bursa was the first major and second overall capital of the Ottoman State between 1335 and 1363. The city was referred to as Hüdavendigar (meaning “God’s gift”) during the Ottoman period, while a more recent nickname isYeşil Bursa (meaning “Green Bursa”) in reference to the parks and gardens located across its urban fabric, as well as to the vast and richly varied forests of the surrounding region. The ski resort of Mount Uludağ towers over it. The mountain was called the Mysian Olympus by the Romans who lived there before. Bursa has rather orderly urban growth and borders a fertile plain. The mausoleums of the early Ottoman sultans are located in Bursa and the city’s main landmarks include numerous edifices built throughout the Ottoman period. Bursa also has thermal baths and several museums, including a museum of archaeology.

The shadow play characters Karagöz and Hacivat are based on historic personalities who lived and died in Bursa. Bursa is also home to some of the most famous Turkish dishes such as İskender kebap, specially candied marron glacés, peaches and Turkish Delight. Bursa houses the Uludağ University, and its population can claim one of the highest overall levels of education in Turkey. The historic towns of İznik (Nicaea), Mudanya and Zeytinbağı are all situated in Bursa Province.

According to the Turkish Statistical Institute, in 2011 the city of Bursa had a population of 2,704,441 and itsmetropolitan municipality 2,948,744.

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