HELP ! Potential Perfusion Student Looking for Opportunity to Job Shadow in Seattle Area …

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Thanks for the blog. It’s been a great resource for me in terms of gaining a more thorough understanding of the field of perfusion and what it’s like as a perfusion student.

I recently got introduced to the science of cardiovascular perfusion from a friend who just graduated from a perfusion program. At first I had no idea what cardiovascular perfusion was but after doing some research I soon became interested in the field. There’s still a lot I’d like to learn about perfusion to determine whether or not this is the right profession for me.

Most importantly, I’d like to observe a case to get a feel of what a perfusionist does in the operating room(OR). Observing a case would also expose me to the OR environment which is a unique environment that I’d like to be sure I’m comfortable working in.

Unfortunately, I live in Vancouver, Canada and there are regulations in place that restrict people from shadowing any healthcare professionals in the OR. I’m going to reach out to perfusionists in the Seattle area to see if I can shadow them. I was wondering if you know anyone I could contact that would be willing to give me a shadowing opportunity, either in Seattle or somewhere in the States.

I know this is a random request but I thought I’d try since there’s no way for me to shadow anyone where I live in Vancouver.

By the way my background is that I’m a recent B.Sc graduate in health sciences(life science concentration). I’ve volunteered in the hospital for 3 years but either than that have no professional experience in healthcare. If I do feel that perfusion is the right path for me my goal is to be able to shadow a perfusionist for an extended period of time, similar to what you did, to reinforce my interest in the field and to also help me gain critical care experience.

Any help is much appreciated!! I know it’s a bit of random email request but with no opportunity to shadow anyone in Vancouver I thought that it’s important for me to do whatever I can to shadow someone and see if this is the right path for me.


John Bradley

Please email: [email protected]

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