Heading Up North [ 2 ] Friday Night @ Michigan Conference

At the Family Cabin in Lake City

The Details on the Conference can be Found Below…

Click Image to View details ….  Should be good 🙂

So…  Here is the run-down on Friday night in Traverse City Michigan 🙂

Got here and am hanging out at the lake.

Am excited to think of meeting some serious colleagues from my past, Joe, Chet, Leon, Chad, Jason, Paul, and ton’s of others.

My homie’s from where I grew up in perfusion land !

So I took off at 10 am from Lake City to head to the Grand Traverse Hotel, in Travers City, on Traverse Bay (sensing a theme here).

First of all, I got there waaaay early.  Showed up at 1 pm and finally put it all together, as registration (and the conference) was in tandem with the Michigan Society of Cardiovascular Thoracic Surgeons…

The real perfusion registration doesn’t really get going until 5 pm (after a golf outing).

While waiting, I met some great people that were helping to put the meeting together, and as I waited to register I met Mr. Theron Paugh, CCP and his wife (also a CCP for 17 years I believe- at THE University of Michigan, in Ann Arbor).

We talked for about 20 minutes, (he looks a bit like Tim Allen), and I was impressed with their excitement regarding the meeting, and the passion they have for the profession.

And then some of the heavy weights of my perfusion career started showing up.  John Dunbar, BA, CCP popped up, and here was a blast from the past.  We had gone to the same program together in San Diego, back in the day, and had worked on and off for the same company at various places in Michigan.  Along with John was the inimitable Mr. Mike Brigham, a rep from Terumo Cardiovascular, who helped me many times in my career, setting up a program in Lansing (Sparrow Hospital @ which I was chief), and helping me grow my own business in Muskegon, Michigan.

To Mike I owe much, as well as the tremendous organization he represents (and represents very- very- well).

And a hello to Mr. John Sdjewyck (SP?) CCP from the Port Huron area, who was a colleague back in the day, and a great resource.  We chatted it up for a few hours, going over old times as well as current news and events.

More to follow…